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About Us

Auroraborealice is a blog written by two sisters who grew up scheming about getting back to basics, planning their someday-farm right down to the number and type of pear trees and pigs they would have. We are Aurora and Alice, and we started this blog as a forum to share ideas, recipes, suggestions, frustrations, successes, and general commentary about our interests in DIY, homesteading, urban farming, craftiness, and general good living.

We do not pretend to be experts on any topic, but instead hope to inspire other people (including each other!) by sharing our forays into topics such as cheese-making, bread-baking, crochet, gardening, beekeeping, pig slaughtering, beer-making, and general getting-our-hands-dirty-ness. We both work full-time and have other responsibilities; these projects are a luxury to work on.

Our end goal is to not be living 600+ miles apart, and instead to be jointly operating a small farm or ranch of some sort. This dream is still a few years away, but we are working toward it in our own ways.

(And no, we do not have a brother named “boree”.)

A Little About Aurora

After spending a few years working in the software industry after college, Aurora up and joined the Peace Corps. She was sent to Paraguay, where she spent a little over 2 years learning how hard it is to get anything done when it’s over 100°F on a regular basis. Success seemed to be directly proportional to the amount of terere (a cold maté tea) consumed, one’s ability and willingness to give up any fixed ideas of time, and a sense of humor. Back in the States, she spent a few years casting about for further direction until she finally ended up back at square one — wanting to be a farmer and finally having the balls to do something about it. She has been forced to accept that accomplishing this dream will involve sacrifice, frugality, and a willingness to compromise on other things until and even after it is achieved. So far it’s totally worth it. Along the way, she is enjoying being a bartender in SE Portland, OR.

A Little About Alice

Alice has always had too many things she loved, and not enough time to do them. Add that to the eternal struggle between what you like to do, what you’re good at, and what will pay the bills, and you get an accountant who dreams of dirty hands and consumable products. After plans to be a chef, the president, and a space explorer, Alice took a few years to study linguistics at the graduate level, and has had a hard time not analyzing people’s accents ever since. Since making ice-cream and weaving baskets always vied with reading articles and doing analyses for her attention (and, let’s be honest – watching Stargate), she shortly cut her losses and left the ivory tower to find a more fulfilling vocation. She now lives with her sweetie in the food-heaven that is the Bay Area, CA, and crunches numbers by day while crafting a business plan and testing recipes by night. You can take the woman out of academia, but you can’t take academia out of the woman – so she expects to be interested in theory, case studies, and citations for as long as she has the ability to learn – whether it’s about morphological structure, structural properties of different sweeteners, or mob grazing.

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  1. February 25, 2012

    What a wonderful blog you have! Kathy and I enjoy reading you exploits and next time we’re together we must try some Rabbit – just so long as I get the foot. I do want good luck after all. Live well, and continue to dream the dream that leads to a hearts desire being made real.

  2. December 2, 2012

    can you please oh please put a ‘subscribe to this blog’ widgety thing on your sidebar so we can follow your exploits?

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