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Urban farm, here we come

2012 May 21

While Aurora is living in rural Washington learning how to make fence and sell sheep cheese (and so much more), I am embarking on an exciting new venture of my own: Operation Urban Farm Complete with Chickens and a Real Garden.


Having grown increasing frustrated with our lack of space, and no-animals lease agreement, Russell and I took the plunge and found a different place to live. Our new digs are in Oakland, home of food justice fighters City Slicker Farms, author and urban farmer Novella Carpenter, and much debate over the place of farming in city life. The lot is almost three times the size of our previous location.

We’re over the moon in love with the place.

I will introduce you to our new home through the fledgeling garden. Russell & I spent our first Sunday in the new place out in the yard, prepping and planting a raised bed. The next few months are going to involve a lot of work. Following through on my long-stated goals of having a Real Garden That I Actually Take Care Of will involve, you know, actually taking care of it, which has been the sticking point in the past.


Thankfully, this is one task that really gives back. The arugula sprung up first.


The beans, which I had started at our old place two weeks earlier, took the transplanting well.


Up next were theĀ mustard greens.


A local critter did some nocturnal digging in the squash hills, but we rebuilt them. I found a piece of hardware cloth elsewhere in the yard, and repurposed it to protect the tender kale & arugula seedlings.


I learned my lesson the hard way when birds ate all my beets & carrots last year. I haven’t protected the other parts of the bed yet, so we’ll see if that comes back to bite me.

The thrill of seeing the magic of germination has gotten me out every day to check what has emerged since I last looked.

Next up: picking a spot to plant a lemon tree, and learning how to cull tree fruit.

Gotta love new beginnings.

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  1. Jene-Paul permalink
    May 21, 2012


  2. May 26, 2012

    So Exciting! What kind of squash are you planting / did you plant?

    • June 5, 2012

      Many kinds. Costata romanesco zucchini, some yellow summer squash that didn’t do well, sugar pie pumpkins, butternut squash, and a decorative pumpkin called Jaune Gros de Paris. Couldn’t resist the name.

  3. June 5, 2012

    This is awesome! Congrats on the move. I cannot wait to see the chickens. And goats – what about goats??

    • Alice permalink*
      June 10, 2012

      I’ve been picturing goats in the Northeast corner. Plenty of room for a shed, milking station, room to roam a tiny bit… They come after the chickens and the rabbits, though. And when I’m unemployed, so have time to milk them along with the rest of the farm chores.

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