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Notes from Larkhaven Farm, Week 6

2012 May 15
by Alice

Here is the second installment of notes and photos from Aurora’s letters and emails from her internship on Larkhaven Farm. Read about her hunt for an internship, what she is doing at Larkhaven, and her first installment of notes and pics.

“There is no try, only do.

Shut up, Yoda, you’re probably right.

a curious ewe lamb

“I think just being out here, learning so many awesome, useful skills & facts & getting the chance to try things and see how other people do them — it is all so inspiring and encouraging of my own farm dreams.

sheep are good at rearing up

“The trees are leafing out bright green. I need to learn more names of the trees here. Wild asparagus season has started here, and there is a little bit along the trail I take to get up to the cabin.”

one of the wether lambs.

“I seem to have developed a tolerance for talk radio. Never expected that to happen! Depending on the morning, the local country station has shows — horse, ag[riculture], hunting, fishing. And I listen to them!

friendly ewe lamb

“My hands are pretty wrecked, despite my using work gloves whenever feasible and using the Burt’s Bees Hand Salve I have almost every night. (Sometimes I forget.) I am still hoping the chapping & tenderness will settle down a bit — it comes and goes anyway — as my hands get used to the dryness & the work.

Oblio and nosy lamb

[on April 24th, 2012] “We still have two ewes that appear to be pregnant (sometimes it turns out they’re just fat) & one is a first-time mama & the other’s Ruby, who is (?) about 7 years old, and currently as wide as a bus & lopsided to boot. She will probably have triplets; the other, a single or maybe twins.

Lambs begging

[from May 6th, 2012] “I witnessed Ruby, a big solid white ewe who was the one remaining preggers mama, give birth to three gorgeous, floppy black lambs between 8:45 and 9:08 pm last night. She ate the afterbirth & licked the babies clean while making amazing snuffly snorting grunting noises.”


My thoughts:

  1.  I’m all about the tails. So long and curly! How soon before they’re caked in caca?
  2. Sometimes the sheep really look like goats to me.
  3. You’re way past trying, ermana. Solidly in the camp of doing! Proud, Yoda would be.
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  1. Russell permalink
    May 15, 2012

    These pictures are amazing! And, Alice, you’re totally right: the sheep really look like goats sometimes.

  2. Irene permalink
    June 10, 2012

    Awesome, their have their own distinct cuteness about them. I pictures are beautiful!

    For your hands:
    Try vaseline and cover your hands with some saran and a sock on top.. this keeps heat in and the vaseline gets absorbed.
    I hear olive oil and sugar can work magic too.

    • Irene permalink
      June 10, 2012

      Meant to say, THEY HAVE their own distinct….

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